Lossman Eye Care Associates offers all your eye care product needs including: Contacts , Glasses , and Prescription Sunglasses. We carry a wide variety of brand name contact lenses and frames.


There are a variety of contact lenses available for those who have astigmatism, bifocals, or who just want to change the color of their eyes. We also have extended wear lenses that may be worn overnight.

Our doctors are experienced at fitting all types of contact lenses whether they be traditional soft lenses, planned replacement lenses, disposable, or rigid gas permeable lenses.

Our experienced staff will work with you on insertion of removal of your new lenses, if need be, and instruct you on their handling and care. We are always available for questions or concerns to make sure your contact lenses are providing you with the vision and comfort you need.

We have a variety of name brand contact lenses in our stock available for instant purchase. Other lenses are ordered directly from the manufacturer and are normally received within 2-5 working days. Several manufacturers now offer direct shipping of contact lenses to your home or office at no additional charge.



Most of our frames carry a one year satisfaction warranty from the manufacturer. Fashion frames from the most notable designers are represented in wide selections, such as Kenneth Cole, Juicy, Jimmy Choo, Valentino, and Calvin Klein. We also carry major lines such as Flexon, Nike Flexon, and Silhoutte.


There are many options available in lenses today to make your glasses look and function better than before. We offer single vision, bifocals, trifocals, and progressive lenses to meet your specific needs. You can rely on our expertise to recommend and fit the best lenses for your activities.

Polycarbonate: this is the safest material on the market because it is the most impact resistant material made. It is also a thinner and lighter material versus a plastic lens. It contains UV protection and a back-side scratch resistance coating. This lens is recommended for most of our patients, especially for kids and those who are active.

Anti-Reflective: this multi-layered surface lens reduces the reflections off the front and back surface of the lens. This provides you with a cosmetic advantage because it makes the lenses in your frames look invisible. It also gives you many functional benefits as it reduces glare from any light source. This benefits those who have difficulty driving at night because of glare from headlights. It also reduces glare from a computer screen.


sunglassesPrescription Sunglasses

Lossman Eye Care Associates offers a wide variety of prescription sunglasses. You may purchase a pair of sunglasses and have your prescription put in them, or choose from our any of our optical frames on the board and have your prescription put in them as well.

We offer a wide selection of stylish sunglasses including Maui Jim, Gucci, Kate Spade, Michael Kors, and Calvin Klein.

Make your next pair of prescription sunglasses Polarized. This lens offers reduction of glare, UVA and UVB protection, and scratch resistance protection. You may choose from a variety of lens tints to satisfy your visual comfort.